Immigration to Switzerland

For who is this service?

Our free service is aimed at European citizens who move to Switzerland or have already moved and have a Swiss address. Cross-border commuters are taken into account in our calculation as well. More info can be found in our dictionary.

Swiss citizens have to pay their taxes once per year to the tax authority. As an immigrant you must do so the same but monthly.

Your net salary or net income is dependent on many factors, such as age, Canton, or marital status. Our salary calculator has the ambition of being current and to determine accurate results. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy because of the complexity of calculation. For more information please read the disclaimer.

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Low Euro, strong Franc

The persistently strong currency provides many advantages, especially for the Swiss, while shopping in the euro area.

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New withholding taxes for 2011

Right now the current tax rates for 2011 are fixed! Click here to see what has changed.

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