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Each year more than 4,000 people emigrate from Germany to Switzerland. Low taxes and a very high quality of life are just two of the many reasons.

The calculation of salaries, however, is difficult for immigrants and requires the consideration of a variety of criteria. will help you. » Read more

Health Insurance

Since services of basic insurances are set by law and the same at each insurance company in Switzerland, a comparison of the different providers is worthwile.

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The 3-pillar system

The general pension of Switzerland is divided into three so-called "pillars". This topic and many more you will find in our dictionary.

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Right now the current tax rates for 2011 are fixed! Click here to see what has changed.

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Mel (Basel)

"It was important to me to know what kind of salary deductions exsist in Switzerland – I found that on!"

Johannes (Solothurn)

"The move to Switzerland was perfect for us. Here the children grow up in a healthy environment."

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