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ca. 4'918.50 CHF

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Wage calculation

The total deductions include all listed deductions, excluding the contributions for your health insurance. Calculate your individual contribution using our contribution calculator.

Old Age and Survivors' Insurance

The old-age provision is part of the 1st so-called pillar, meaning it is mandatory.

Unemployment Insurance

Non work-related accident insurance

The employer pays the work-related accident insurance for the employee, while you pay the non-work related accident insurance. With this combination you are protected against accident costs.

Salary Continuation Insurance

Your employer usually pays the Salary Continuation Insurance in order to ensure the continued pay in case of illness.

Occupational Pension

This provision is also mandatory and forms the 2nd pillar. It covers old-age provision and the risks of disability and death.

Withholding Tax

This amount is heavily dependent on the income, status as well as the canton. It can change yearly.

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Insurance and Retirement Provision

Currently no offers available.

Wages and salaries

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11.800 CHF

income per month

3.972 CHF

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828 CHF

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