Low Euro, strong Franc

In the duel CHF against EUR the European currency is the steady loser. Just recently in December 2010 the EUR reached a new low in relation to  the CHF. However, there are happy faces on both sides of the border. Why?

A strong CHF means high purchasing power for the citizens of the Alpine region, which has an effect on retail on the German side. Lörrach (Germany) reported a further increase in sales in 2010. Many visitors come from the nearby border region and since the development of highway also from more distant cantons.
Assessor Eric Fischer of Germany Migros: "We are benefiting increasingly from the currency". Compared to the previous year, Swiss and German commuters can buy products and services up to 20% cheaper - just through the development of the conversion rate.

However, the best bargain is not only possible in retail. Even when buying a new car a comparison is worthwile.

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